Prime Day is the definition of the Amazon sales every year during summer. For Polish employees, this means implementing obligatory overtime, blocking holidays and a lot of work. A very high work rate is overclocked to the limits of durability. It is unacceptable for NSZZ Solidarność that the same standards have been set for older workers and young people. In addition, each center in Poland has different labor standards, which is a kind of discrimination. For exactly the same work, an employee in Katowice will receive praise but in Wrocław he may be outplaced. Let us explain that, for example, in Germany, such standards do not exist. Despite the smallest wages in Europe and the largest workload, employees of Polish Amazon are not ready to strike. This is a very difficult procedure, which is hampered by the huge rotation of employees of Amazon Poland. During Prime Day, employees in the company’s warehouses in Spain and Germany were demanding, among others, signing a collective labor agreement that would guarantee, among others payable wages, increased allowances for night work and overtime work , and respecting break times. On Tuesday, July 17, during a strike in Spain, the police tried to indispose the strikers from carrying out peaceful action and several people were injured. The Spanish Government was asked for help in this matter.
The National Trade Workers Section of NSZZ Solidarność fully supports the actions of colleagues from other European countries who oppose the treatment of people on an equal footing with robots, declares the President of the Section Alfred Bujara.

Chairman of NSZZ Solidarność Amazon Fulfillment Poland Sp. z o.o. Grzegorz Cisoń warns that if the situation in the Polish Amazon will not improve immediately, we will have no other option to start protesting in Poland. In connection with the fact that already in November the next summit related to Christmas shopping will start, Solidarity must react to the lack of respect for employees’ rights. We hope that Polish employees will understand that this is probably the only way to improve the conditions of work safety, reduce inhuman standards and fair pay rise – said Cisoń.

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