KSN NSZZ Solidarność in English

KSN - structure

The National Science Section (KSN) consists of institutional Trade Union “Solidarność” organizations from higher education institutions, scientific institutes (R & D) and Polish Academy of Sciences. The access to the KSN is voluntary.

The highest authority of the KSN is General Assembly of Delegates called also the National Congress.

The General Assembly of Delegates elects KSN authorities: President, Council and the Audit Committee. The Council leads the activities of the Section in the time between the General Assemblies.

On the first meeting of KSN Council, Chairpersons of the Standing Committees are elected from among the Council members. President and the Chairpersons of the Standing Committees form a Presidium conducting the current activities of the Section.

In order to improve the activities of the KSN,  the General Assembly of Delegates or the Council are entitled to appoint committees and teams on national or regional level for carrying out permanent and temporary tasks, if necessary.