KSN NSZZ Solidarność in English

The International Relations Committee

The International Relations Committee (Komisja ds. Współpracy Międzynarodowej) of the National Science Section (KSN) was established by Resolution of the KSN Council NSZZ “Solidarność” of July 5, 2014

The main aims of the Committee activity:

  • cooperates with the trade unions from different countries, active in the area of science and higher education     
  • integrates the KSN activities related to cooperation with Education International and ETUCE in the field of higher education staff affairs
  • integrates the KSN activities related to cooperation with EUROCADRES and UNI in the area of scientists and higher education staff affairs
  • carries on activities focused on cooperation in the scope of preparation and application for projects related to scientific and research activity and solving problems of HEI (Higher Education Institution) and scientific staff 
  • cooperates with the Secretariat of Science and Education and with representatives of the National Commission (Komisja Krajowa) NSZZ “Solidarność”  in the field of international relations
  • prepares information for different units affiliated to the KSN and creates impact in the field of international relations on the authorities responsible for HEIs and Research Institutes and on the governmental bodies 
  • initiates activities of the KSN in the international projects concerning education at the university level 
  • participates in the creation and implementation of databases and internal information system for the Committee needs
  • undertakes tasks for the needs of the KSN in the area of international relations