If there is no bilateral negotiations on amendments to the Teacher’s Charter , "Solidarity" will strengthen the protest in educational institutions, including a general strike . The Council of the National Section of Education took this decision at an extraordinary meeting.

The Council of the National Section of Education expects that scheduled for 20 November 2013 discussions with the Sejm Commission for Education, Science and Youth, will start the negotiation process so as to agree on any adjustments of the Teacher's Charter, provided for collective bargaining agreements. The informal meetings in the Ministry with the participation of local governments could not be regarded as negotiation and agreement. In the case of the lack of a good will to take the agreement, the National Section of Education "Solidarity" whet the form of protest in all educational institutions, including a general strike .

The project of adverse changes in the regulation - the Teacher's Charter envisages drastic reduction of healthy leave and holidays, changes in the payment system , elimination of certain benefits and social allowances, transfer some competences of  the disciplinary committee for  teachers and teachers’ promotion to local authorities SKOiW Council welcomed the initiative of ZNP to join into the action to defense the Teacher’s Charter and Education Act . The Council expressed the hope that the implementation of measures announced by ZNP will strengthen the demands made to the Government by SKOiW  NSZZ "Solidaridarność" during the protests on 18 June and 12 September.
Looking at the harmful activities made by Polish Government which have a negative effect on Polish schools and lower the opinion about teachers, solidarity of the entire education community is necessary.

Ryszard Proksa

National Education Section NSZZ "Solidarność"
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