The Union's objectives are to defend the rights, dignity and employees' interests of the members and in particular to:

  1. guarantee workers' rights in the areas of employment, remuneration, living and workplace health and safety conditions
  2. fight unemployment and assist unemployed Union members
  3. guarantee employees the right to improve their vocational qualifications
  4. protect the health, material, social, and cultural interests of its members and their families
  5. undertake efforts through social dialogue to harmonise proper enterprise management with workers' interests
  6. influence economic and social policies
  7. promote democracy and protect universal humane ideas
  8. foster an active patriotic attitude
  9. act for disabled people and those in need of special care
  10. strengthen the family and protect family life
  11. cooperate with international organisations in the scope of protection of human and trade union rights and dignity
  12. protect culture and education in a broad sense
  13. undertake environmental protection initiatives
  14. represent workers' interests on the international forums

The Union shall achieve its objectives by:

  1. representing its members before employers, the government, the state administration, local government and social organisations and institutions
  2. concluding and terminating collective and other labour agreements with employers
  3. organising and leading employees' protest actions in cases of violations of workers' rights and in particularly justified cases declaring strike
  4. providing legal counsel and intervening in employee-employer conflicts
  5. monitoring workplace health and safety conditions and respectation of labour law; undertaking activities provided for by law, when a threat to workers' life and health arises; providing periodical inspection of workplaces
  6. creating the following special purpose funds: a strike fund, educational/training funds, a fund to hire experts and an unemployment fund
  7. rendering opinions on drafts of laws and on regulations covering the activities of trade unions
  8. union training and vocational retraining
  9. conducting business activity to obtain resources to carry out Constitutional tasks
  10. establishing agencies to carry out Constitutional tasks
  11. participation in the activities of the international organisations
  12. co-operating with the government, state administration and local governments within legally defined bounds
  13. initiating and organising mutual assistance among Union members
  14. granting material assistance to Union members
  15. participating in creating and operating of pension funds and other forms of insurances
  16. endeavouring to guarantee Union members and their families their proper share of benefits from the social and other enterprise-managed funds
  17. informing members of Union activities and conducting press and publishing activities
  18. co-operating with the health care service to protect the health of workers and their families
  19. conducting research on workers' living standards and costs of living
  20. supporting initiatives to improve the economy and develop culture, education, science and technological progress
  21. combating symptoms of social pathologies
  22. conducting cultural and educational activities, creating conditions for leisure time relaxation
  23. conducting charity activities
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