Information about the activities SKOiW "Solidarity" in the area of the defense of the quality of Polish schools and dignity of teachers

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Information about the activities SKOiW "Solidarity"
in the area of the defense of the quality of Polish schools and dignity of teachers

– 2013 –

1. The participation in a meeting at the Ministry of Education on 31 January 2013, relating to the initial proposals changes in the law - the Teachers' Charter.

2. The implementation of a wide information campaign on unfavorable changes for teachers and changes that may reduce the quality of education in Poland. After receiving the draft guidelines for a draft law amending Teachers' Charter and other acts Solidarność prepared the presentations and leaflets. Additionally, the substantive opinion was sent to the Ministry of Education.

3. The systematic involvement of members of the Executive Board of SKOiW "Solidarity" in the meetings with the parliamentary Commission of Education, Science and Youth as well as Commission of Local Government and Regional Policy. The meetings focused on the proposed changes in educational law.

4. On 7th of June a long-awaited report IBE 'working time and working conditions of teachers was released . It turned out that an average teacher works 47,5 hour per week.(excluding the breaks).

5. On 8th of June at the building of the Ministry of Education in Warsaw held an extraordinary meeting of the Council SKOiW "Solidarity" was held. The meeting was combined with a unique picket. "Solidarity" educational demanded, among other things:

a. more funding for public education,

b. suspend any works on the changes in the Teachers' Charter,

c. some compensation for curriculum reform,

d. stop closing down the schools and no more teachers' dismissal,

e. the restoration of the teachers' rights to early retirement age,

6. On 12th of September a huge demonstration took place in front of the Ministry of Education. Once again Solidarity shows the problems faced by Polish education. Ten “sins” of Ministry of Education was presented:

- harmful changes in the curriculum,

- closing down schools. The privatization of education,

- lack of real social dialogue,

- mass layoffs,

- lowering the quality of education,

- underfunding of education,

- getting rid of state responsibility for education,

- obligatory sending 6-year-olds to unprepared schools,

- expensive textbooks,

- Refraining from historical and patriotic education.

7. On 14th of September Trade Unions' demonstration took place in Warsaw. One of the main topics was the situation in education. National Section received the support from ETUCE and other European trade unions.

8. At the end of September 2013 SKOiW "Solidarity" received a draft version of the bill -Teachers' Charter and other laws. In October the opinion was sent to the Ministry. The “Solidarity started the action so as to defend the teachers' rights and quality education at the national and regional level.

9. In October the social initiative "Reading without censorship" started. The aim of this action is to defend the classics of Polish literature, that had been expelled from school reading lists.

10. On 20th of October there was a meeting of the Executive Board SKOiW "Solidarity" with the members of the Parliamentary Committee for Education, Science and Youth Parliament. The trade unionist presented the opinion of the "Solidarity" on the government's draft amendments to the Law on the Education System and Teachers' Charter,as well as they talked about the problem of real social dialogue.

11. SKOiW NSZZ Solidarnosc wrote a letter to Ms Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska, the new Minister of Education, in order to start the discussion, in the line with the principles of social dialog, about the Polish education.

12. During the whole year the President of SKOiW NSZZ Solidarnosc took part in many interviews and prepared press articles to present the dangerous changes in education and curricula.

13. On 27 November 2013, at the meeting of the Parliamentarian Subcommittee which aim was to consider the government's bill to amend the Education Act, MPs withdrew from the project some records relating to the supply of schools and they achieved positive for the other, proposed by the 'Solidarity', comments for the unfavorable provisions in the Act.

14. In November SKOiW launched the campaign "Write a letter to Members of Parlament on changes to the Teachers' Charter" and flagging schools. On 11th of December the action was halted as a gesture of good will, in the expectation that the new Minister of Education will take a real dialogue on the Teachers' Charter.

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