Summer Polish – German project “Nowa Kaletka”

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As every year, we would like to invite the teachers - trade union members to participate in the next edition of Polish-German project "Summer Academy in Nowa Kaletka". It is co-financed by the Foundation "Polish-German Youth Cooperation", the National Section of Education "Solidarity" (KSOiW NSZZ Solidarność) and the German Teachers’ Trade Union (GEW).

The project takes the form of less than a two-week seminar. It brings together Polish and German teachers.

It is addressed to the teachers – trade union members (Solidarity and GEW), who intend to establish contacts with some colleagues from the countries in order to make school cooperation. This seminar allows to expand the knowledge on; the socio-political situation, the education issues and the shape of school systems in Poland and Germany. The program gives the possibility to take part in the language activities (German for Polish teachers, Polish for German participants). What is more, common learning works as a platform for better communication. In the afternoon, there are discussions, lectures on educational and socio-political matters. The project participants also present the cultural heritage of their countries by presenting e.g. literature, school projects and other events. The numerous competitions are organized as a part of language skill development. The program of sightseeing is included in the seminar.

This project is organized from 21st of July 2016 to 3rd of August 2016.



Summer Academy in Nowa Kaletka 2015.

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It ended the XX edition of the Summer Academy in Nowa Kaletka. It was co-financed by the National Section of Education "Solidarity", German Teachers' Trade Union (GEW) and the Foundation for Polish-German Youth Cooperation.

The main aim of this project is to create opportunities to personal exchanges of experiences.

For the twentieth time 36 participants from Polish and German trade unions had the opportunity to spend jointly two weeks in a rather busy way, during which not only they can develop language skills, but also it was an opportunity to conduct many discussions about political and educational issues.

This year (2015), we hosted a colleague from Ukraine (Natalia Bunda), who presented to us the situation in her country. We also had the opportunity to listen to the interesting lecture prepared by Professor Alicja Bortkiewicz from the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Lodz. She talked about the health of Polish teachers. Workshops run by the project participants were extremely valuable for the exchange of pedagogical experiences. They covered such kind of issues like: cultural achievements of both countries.

This year meeting was to be the last one! Fortunately, thanks to the people of the open hearts and minds and other circumstances we can pan other meetings. So you can say: "See you next year!".


On 13 to 14 October 2014, the members of the ETUCE Committee met in Brussels for their autumn meeting.

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On 13 to 14 October 2014, the members of the ETUCE Committee met in Brussels for their autumn meeting. In preparation of the ETUCE Special Conference in Vienna on 26 – 27 November 2014, the Committee members took the decision to submit the Resolution Shaping the Teaching Profession of the 21st Century for adoption to the ETUCE Special Conference. It also decided on establishing an EI/ETUCE Central and Eastern European Network (CEENET) for a 2 year trial period, in accordance with the By-Laws Art. 9.2 (IV) and to recommend to the EI Executive Board that it moves Kazakhstan, Kirgistan and Tajikistan form the EI Asia-Pacific Region to the European Region-ETUCE. The ETUCE Committee deems the set-up of an administrative and practical network necessary in order to promote better cooperation between the CEE countries and especially the Russian-speaking countries. This network is to ensure better opportunities for participation and access to resources as well as to facilitate enhanced activity and participation with EI/ETUCE. The ETUCE Secretariat is to support the network establishment with the extended use and provision of services in Russian, e.g. more extensive translation of meeting documents and the provision of the ETUCE website and newsletter in Russian. The launch of the CEENET is foreseen on 25 November 2014, in the frame of the ETUCE Special Conference.


National Education Section of Solidarnosc is organizing the protest

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The Council of National Education Section Of NSZZ Solidarnosc, in the absence of the response of Polish government to the request of 9% salary increase in 2015 for educational staff and all budget workers, continues the informative and protesting actions and the Council have decided to organize the extraordinary meeting of the Council as well as the members of the Trade Union, in front of the building of The Chancellery of the Prime Minister at 9th of December 2014.


Information about the activities SKOiW "Solidarity" in the area of the defense of the quality of Polish schools and dignity of teachers

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Information about the activities SKOiW "Solidarity"
in the area of the defense of the quality of Polish schools and dignity of teachers

– 2013 –

1. The participation in a meeting at the Ministry of Education on 31 January 2013, relating to the initial proposals changes in the law - the Teachers' Charter.

2. The implementation of a wide information campaign on unfavorable changes for teachers and changes that may reduce the quality of education in Poland. After receiving the draft guidelines for a draft law amending Teachers' Charter and other acts Solidarność prepared the presentations and leaflets. Additionally, the substantive opinion was sent to the Ministry of Education.

3. The systematic involvement of members of the Executive Board of SKOiW "Solidarity" in the meetings with the parliamentary Commission of Education, Science and Youth as well as Commission of Local Government and Regional Policy. The meetings focused on the proposed changes in educational law.


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