As every year, we would like to invite the teachers - trade union members to participate in the next edition of Polish-German project "Summer Academy in Nowa Kaletka". It is co-financed by the Foundation "Polish-German Youth Cooperation", the National Section of Education "Solidarity" (KSOiW NSZZ Solidarność) and the German Teachers’ Trade Union (GEW).

The project takes the form of less than a two-week seminar. It brings together Polish and German teachers.

It is addressed to the teachers – trade union members (Solidarity and GEW), who intend to establish contacts with some colleagues from the countries in order to make school cooperation. This seminar allows to expand the knowledge on; the socio-political situation, the education issues and the shape of school systems in Poland and Germany. The program gives the possibility to take part in the language activities (German for Polish teachers, Polish for German participants). What is more, common learning works as a platform for better communication. In the afternoon, there are discussions, lectures on educational and socio-political matters. The project participants also present the cultural heritage of their countries by presenting e.g. literature, school projects and other events. The numerous competitions are organized as a part of language skill development. The program of sightseeing is included in the seminar.

This project is organized from 21st of July 2016 to 3rd of August 2016.