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Independent Self-governing Trade Union "Solidarity" – is a Polish Trade Union Federation that emerged on 31 August 1980 at the Gdansk Shipyard under the leadership of Lech Walesa. It was the first non–communistic party -controlled trade union in a Warsaw Pact country. Solidarity was a broad anti-bureaucratic social movement using the methods of civil resistance to advance the causes of workers' rights and social change. National Educational Section of NSZZ Solidarność was one of the founders of International Education.

The Union’s present objectives are to defend the rights, dignity and employees' interests of the members and in particular to:

Ÿ-  guarantee workers' rights in the areas of employment, remuneration, living and workplace health and safety conditions

-Ÿ  fight unemployment and assist unemployed Union members

-Ÿ  guarantee employees the right to improve their vocational qualifications

Ÿ-  protect the health, material, social, and cultural interests of its members and their families

-Ÿ  undertake efforts through social dialogue to harmonise proper enterprise management with workers' interests

-Ÿ  influence economic and social policies

-Ÿ  promote democracy and protect universal humane ideas

-Ÿ  foster an active patriotic attitude

-Ÿ  act for disabled people and those in need of special care

-Ÿ  strengthen the family and protect family life

-Ÿ  cooperate with international organisations in the scope of protection of human and trade union rights and dignity

-Ÿ  protect culture and public education in a broad sense

-  undertake environmental protection initiatives

-Ÿ  represent workers' interests on the international forums