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Today is the first day of the 2nd Congress of industiAll Global Union in Brasil

2016-10-03 12:10:54

Dziś w Warszawie w Kancelarii Premiera RP, z panią Minister Elżbietą Witek spotka się Kazimierz Grajcarek, Przewodniczący Krajowego Sekretariatu Górnictwa i Energetyki NSZZ Solidarność.

2016-09-22 09:28:18

To: Luc Triangle
Dear Brother,

More and more frequently we hear in Poland reports about taking the newborn babies away from their mothers by the state institutions in Germany, Sweden or Netherlands.

Taking away babies, under the pretext of mother being not able to take a decent care of her baby is in my opinion barbaric, regardless this actions being legally valid in a given country.

If the state institutions claim, that the living conditions will not allow mother to provide a proper care to her baby, it is the state, that should give a special care to this mother and her child.

Taking away newborn babies, in 21st century Europe is not consistent with human dignity.
Reminding the existing law, allowing such actions can be compared to the laws allowing throwing disabled children to the rocks or other practices from the 20th century, I would not like to call upon.

This is a reason of my request to you, to take care of this important matter during the upcoming Executive Committee and protest against the laws allowing taking away the babies from their mothers, because of poverty.   

With solidarity
Kazimierz Grajcarek

(the same letter has been sent to General Secretary of industriAll Global Union)

2016-08-24 11:11:03