Krajowy Sekretariat Górnictwa i Energetyki

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 So far the government politics forced us to strike in Warsaw on the 25th July 2008. We wanted to express our dissatisfaction and oposition to the government policy which is breaking the law.
2008-07-29 22:00:00
Request for supporting the demonstration of National Energy Section NSZZ Solidarity which will be on 25th July 2008 in Warsaw.
On behalf of Secretariat of Mine and Energy Workers’ Union NSZZ Solidarity we are making an appeal to the Inter-Companu Committes NSZZ Solidarność and to the National Sections affiliated in Secretariat to support the demonstration of Energy National Section NSZZ Solidarność on 25th July 2008 in Warsaw.
The main reasons that we are organizing the demonstrations are:
•          present situation in energy section
•          violating the concuded agreements and social agreements
•          the process of conversion shares is still not ended
•          the unclear policy of polish government concerning the polish energy
•          restructuring
•          no social dialogue
In solidarity
Kazimierz Grajcarek
Secretariat of Mine and Energy Workers’ Union NSZZ Solidarność
Barbara Stefaniak-Gnyp
National Energy Section NSZZ Solidarność
2008-07-08 22:00:00