Krajowy Sekretariat Górnictwa i Energetyki

Najważniejszy jest człowiek


During the meeting which held yesterday (28th of January 2015) initiated by Secretariat of Mine and Energy Workers` Union NSZZ `Solidarność` the current situation of the energy sector has been discussed. Especially the social situation, safety at work and changes on the national and European markets. 

2015-01-28 23:00:00

The miners from the mines of the Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa (JSW) started to strike after the strike referendum and after nine of trade union leaders were disciplinary fired. Protesting miners do not go under the ground and refuse to work unless the Company Managment is dismissed by government. Miners are waiting for the government delegation with the Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz to meet. 

2015-01-27 23:00:00

On Friday evening at Inowrocław Salt Mines “Solino” an agreement has been reached  that ends the hunger strike. Parties of the agreements established that a team will be set to work on the strategy and development of Inowrocław Salt Mines “Solino” S.A. 

2015-01-25 23:00:00