Krajowy Sekretariat Górnictwa i Energetyki

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Miners  from “TREPCA”  are on strike since 20 of January 2015. The President of the SPMK has had visited miners and discussed about their request.


Kosovo miners demand that the government should continue with its plans to take complete control of the Trepca complex of lead, zinc and silver mines.

 As a result of fearing of liquidation of the “TREPCA” almost 350 Trepca miners protested against the government's U-turn on the mine's ownership.

2016-03-04 17:15:23

The chairman of the Secretariat of Miners' and Energy Workers, Kazimierz Grajcarek and the chairman of the Metalworkers' Secretariat, Bogdan Szozda are going to have a meeting with  European Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs - Elżbieta Bieńkowska

2016-03-04 17:05:58

With a terrible shock and disbelief have we learnt about the outrageous attacks in Paris

2015-11-13 23:00:00